Ok, here’s my story…I am a four-year-old boy who was adopted and lived with a family, learned how to behave in the house, enjoyed roaming the property and hanging out with the kids. Then the other male dog and I started having problems…it was just trash talk at first and then we got to brawling and my new family thought it would be best if I found another family. When I got to Homeward Bound, we had a long talk about me trying to be an alpha male. They told me that a simple operation would do wonders for changing my attitude. I thought…what have I got to lose? But that’s a story for another time.

Meanwhile I do now seem to have a more mellow attitude and I even made a new dog friend! I like to go for car rides and enjoy romping around the yard. I understand my breed does like to roam so I will need a secure yard. People are among my favorite things and I enjoy spending time with them – plus I am told I am a great hugger! PS…I am a quickly outgrowing this silly blue mohawk. Let’s not do that again!


  • Sweet boy with a gentle soul
  • People lover who enjoys hanging out and hugs
  • Good with most dogs, OK for most kids, and may be OK with your cat (depends on the cat)
  • Enjoys time in the yard and just hanging out
  • Needs a secure fence…breed is known to roam!