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I am a “grand dog” which means I would be great living with grandparents! I love little kids so they can visit all they want. I got a bum leg, elbow dysplasia, and am very overweight, but if given the opportunity I will still take off for a walkabout! So my new home has to have a secure yard. I can have other dogs and am probably fine with the cat . . . plus I couldn’t catch one if I tried! I have great house manners and am used to living in the house. I like to swim so swimming privileges would really be a plus! I love to go for car rides . . . I can get places much quicker that way! I have a very gentle nature combined with a sparkling personality!

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  • Loves little kids
  • Likes to swim
  • Great house manners
  • Loves people!
  • Needs a secure yard

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