I am an eight year old girl and when I came in I had a companion dog. I don’t know why but my previous owner said that we should be separated. Maybe I was too dependent on her, anyway she was adopted right away, and then I was also adopted. Right away it became very apparent that I hated to be alone…so I was returned. I was labeled as having “separation anxiety” and my options became limited. I have moved in to a foster home where I have other dog companions. I really enjoy joining in the new “play groups” at Homeward Bound so hopefully I will make a new friend. As for cats…I am a confirmed cat hater. My foster dad thinks that in the right home I would not have a separation problem. I would still want a home where someone was home most of the time. But I also I need a home with at least one other companion dog. I am really easy going and have good house manners.



  • Must be with another dog
  • Likes most dogs
  • Very laid-back
  • Loves kids
  • Most excellent house manners!

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