I am a two-year-old Great Pyrenees girl and I have all the characteristics of my breed! I was evaluated with a level three, not because I am a bad girl, but because I am not a Golden Retriever and really need an owner who understands my breed. First off, I need a secure yard and when we go for walks, I will need a safety harness and never let me off leash when out of my yard. Did I tell you I was a stray? Another one of those unauthorized walkabouts!

I am very protective of my family, and I always will be. I suffer from that “squirrel syndrome” which means I am distracted by squirrels, lizards, cats, etc. I do love people and am a super great companion! I love to snuggle up next to you on the sofa and will never betray a confidence! I love kids but because of my size they just need to be bigger. I don’t think I am a cat candidate and am particular about my dog friends. Because of my protective nature I subscribe to that ‘six-feet distance rule!’ I have lived in a foster home and am very well-behaved inside. Check out some of my foster photos below.

  • Young girl in search of a family to watch over
  • Guardian tendencies…true to her breed
  • Best as only dog; No Cats please
  • Older, sturdy kids OK
  • Needs a secure yard and family that understands the heart of a Great Pyrenees

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