I came to Homeward Bound as an “unclaimed stray”. I am not sure exactly what happened. I know I was part of a family and then I was all alone on the streets with no means of support. The good thing is, I was picked up and taken to a place where I was fed and kept safe until I could check into Homeward Bound. The doc there thinks I am about 8 years old. I am a people lover and miss having a home and people of my own. I am OK right now because there are lots of dog loving people here but It’s still not the same as having that thing called family. I love to go for walks especially if I take a ball or toy along with me! I get along with other dogs but have a strong desire to chase cats! Kids are fun, especially if they are older and can go for walks and play ball. I am a fun loving sort of guy and the only thing I like more than toys and balls are treats! 


Level-One-Icon_AF test

  • Likes walks
  • May be okay with other dogs
  • Loves his ball
  • No cats, please

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