I am a two-year-old boy living up to my namesake! I was named after a ball player and that is what best describes me! I could play fetch all day long. The people here are working with me to find things to do to keep my mind off the ball all the time. I heard them talking the other day that I could have a future as an agility dog! I also heard them say that I know lots of commands and am a very smart boy! So, I am looking for a dog-savvy, active family willing to continue working with me.

I have had lots of training and am well-behaved outside of my ball obsession! I get along with other dogs, and am fine with cats, but because of my high energy level would be better suited to older children. I enjoy being with people but am not one of those guys that needs constant cuddling! My ideal life would be with an active family that understands guys like me and would be willing to work on expanding my focus.


  • Active, fun-loving dog with a happy personality!
  • Loves to play ball but needs people who will open his world to new things
  • Has had training and knows basic commands
  • Good with dogs, cats and big, sturdy kids
  • Adventure loving!

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