About Our Dog Ratings

In an effort to ensure that each Homeward Bound adoption is successful for the adopter and the dog, each dog is evaluated by our volunteers and assigned a rating based upon his or her energy level, personality traits and observed behavior. Homeward Bound endeavors to provide dog descriptions that are as accurate as possible in order to match dogs with adopters with the appropriate experience level. Dog descriptions are based on observations from the time a dog was rescued. Homeward Bound often has limited or no background or history on a dog and therefore cannot guarantee any dog’s future behavior.

The Level 1 dog is a fireplace dog or couch potato that is super easy, has a low energy level, and has no issues. You will find that this level of dog would do well in virtually any home regardless of owner experience.
Level 2 is low to moderate energy, or in some cases high energy. Needs average leadership; generally lacks obedience and/or house manners, but is a nice dog. Dog may be shy and quiet, or may be outgoing, but this is not a difficult dog. This level may have minor issues that are easy to address.
Level 3, moderate, high or very high energy/drive. Level 3 dogs typically have a challenging behavior, but are good dogs. These dogs might have an intense focus to work, be dog reactive or dog aggressive, may have to be an only animal in the home, or may require daily physical and mental stimulation, etc. These dogs can be strong, pushy and/or dominant. This level of dog is not an average pet. This dog needs an experienced owner familiar with how to provide direct leadership and proper management as well as the commitment to provide the dog with the guidance and training he/she needs to be successful.
Golden-Plus-Icon_AF Homeward Bound is mission-focused on Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes. We refer to the latter on our dog pages as “Golden Plus.”
Fool's-Gold-Icon_AF Occasionally, dogs that are gold-of-heart (if not of breed!) find their way to us. These dogs are lovingly referred to as “Fool’s Gold” and are noted as such on our dog listings, just in case their sweet faces didn’t give it away.