A Typical Saturday at Homeward Bound


Families Falling In Love

We can’t explain how it happens, but when the connection is right, it is magical.

Happy Ever Afters

Happily Ever Afters

There is nothing like the sound of children playing with their new companions for the first time.

dog training

Training Classes

Training with a focus on positive reinforcement strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Cuddles and Love

Cuddles And Love

Some stays with us are short; some longer. No matter the length of time, our dogs are simply beloved.

Walks Play Time

Walks and Play

Walks and play keep the dogs fit while they learn leash skills and good golden manners.

bath time

Bath Time!

Because every dog deserves to look their best, our grooming volunteers shampoo, clip and blow dry.

Vet exams

Vet Exams

Our dedicated volunteer Veterinarian, Dr. Codde attends to our Goldens with expert care and love.


Feeding Time!

Twice a day – three times for some. Feeders are a dog’s best friend!


Sanctuary Projects

With eight acres, 25 kennels, 10 yards and more – we never run out of projects.