Our Programs

Homeward Bound takes a holistic approach to rescue, customizing our approach to meet each dog’s unique needs. Individuals of all ages and circumstances bring their unique gifts and talents to our effort. All come together to help our Goldens on their journey homeward bound.

Img_Program_FosterFOSTER plays a critical role in Homeward Bound’s ability to rescue and place hundreds of dogs each year. Dogs and fosters are vetted and matched to ensure that the dog not only receives a safe haven, but the individual attention it needs (medical, social, training, etc.) to help it become ready for adoption. Each dog fostered also makes room for new dogs to be rescued. While Homeward Bound covers the dog’s medical and supply costs, fosters provide selfless love. Learn more about our Foster Program here.

Img_Program_TrainingGOLDEN RULE TRAINING enhances the bond between dogs and their human families. Homeward Bound supports in-program dogs with basic obedience, recall and socialization, coordinating closely with our Dog Walker Team to help each dog with its unique needs. Adoptive families and the general public can continue to enhance their handling skills and provide their dogs with critical on-going socialization through regular classes offered by our certified trainer at the Adoption Center.

Golden Touch ProgramGOLDEN TOUCH PROGRAM Homeward Bound established the “Golden Touch: A Senior-to-Senior Connection” program to match our “Golden Oldies” with retired persons and couples who are at least 60 years of age, not working, and on a limited income. We believe that a retired person can devote more time to these dogs — walking, brushing, petting, and loving them. Dogs make wonderful companions. If you have been considering adding a dog to your family, Homeward Bound may be able to assist you in acquiring a new companion.

Sanctuary ProgramSANCTUARY is provided to dogs that are unadoptable due to age or illness, and makes our rescue unique. While some dogs find refuge on the grounds in our dedicated space – Sugar Shack Acres, others are cared for by permanent fosters or are matched through our Golden Touch: A Senior-to-Senior Connection program with retired persons and couples who are age 60+, and live on a limited income. These individuals can offer the gift of time and attention that our senior dogs need. Homeward Bound covers all medical care for the dogs in both permanent foster and our Golden Touch program.