Available as a Permanent Foster. I am a seven year old boy…a Lab/Shepherd mix is what I have always been told. I was a loved family dog even after I went blind, and, no, I am not a candidate for surgery. I helped raised the babies. But then the worst thing ever happened…one of my beloved babies became seriously allergic to me! Now I was a danger to the one I loved so I made the decision and my parents agreed…I need to find another home. Homeward Bound said I could come and stay as long as it took to find a family that wants to love a blind dog. I am fine with other dogs but really don’t want to live with one who will jump all over me or lie in wait to scare me. I am fine with cats but those dog rules also apply to cats. Kids would be great as long as they understand I can’t chase a ball. I enjoy going for walks and the people here have been great about letting me walk right next to them and not run me into any trees! I even understand “up” when I need to step up or over something. Now “down” would be really helpful to learn!



  • Eligible for Permanent Foster
  • Permanently blind
  • Loves walks
  • Okay with polite dogs and cats

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